Thank you -thank you -thank you for the dance classes.  We have lived in Banchory for 13 years without any activities like the dance class or SSPCA visit for kids with special needs.  You have no idea how grateful we are. (Yvonne)


“I think the Scill swimming instructors are a really remarkable group of people.  I can’t thank them enough, but especially K, for the amazing work she’s done with T.  I watch her with him week after week, she has such endless patience and is so extremely enthusiastic.  T absolutely adores her – even when she’s pushing him to his limits.  I wish there were more people like her, well like all the instructors.  I’m sure everybody says it all the time – but the Scill swimming instructors really are amazing.   I would be grateful if you would pass back to all the instructors how very grateful I am for all the amazing work they do with our children”


“I have attended several SCILL courses over the years and have always found them to be of the highest quality, great value and as a parent of 2 kids with additional support needs, really, very helpful. Thank you SCILL for all your hard work and dedication. What a fantastic resource you are for the North East of Scotland”


“It was really wonderful to come to the coffee morning for the first time on Monday. I felt so informed, encouraged and hopeful afterwards.The coffee morning equipped me to be the best advocate I can be to get my child all the SFL he needs”


“Just for the record, our son with ASN, is now 25 and just got his BA degree in Radio Production, so to all those parents/carers struggling through school – anything is possible”


“Gave me some thoughts for how to assist child who constantly says ‘i’m rubbish at this!” (Self-esteem talk April 2012)


“Interactive/presentation/workshop – a great way of dealing with this topic.  Seeing the issues from different perspectives – teacher/parents/carers etc. Thank you for making this all possible”


“Brilliant workshop today, can’t wait for the next one!  It’s great to have something aimed at numeracy difficulties instead of always literacy.”


“Have a better understanding of autism especially communication, brilliant thank you!”


“Opportunity for people working and living with children with complex needs to share experiences and learn”


“Relevant information, pitched at the right level”


“To find out that you are not alone in the difficulties you are experiencing”


“Really good to speak to other parents with the same personal experience”


“Our daughter has Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy and is a wheelchair user.  Since starting with SCILL she has been given the opportunity to take part in the same sporting activity as her twin, who has no disabilities, and is also learning to swim with a swimming club.

Although they swim in different classes and different times, my daughter is delighted to chat about and look forward to the swimming as much as her twin and any other child in her class at school.

The level of assistance, planning and personal lesson planning that goes into each session is fantastic and is targeted to develop our daughter’s strengths and weakness’s to give her the physical challenges she needs

The volunteers are friendly and very approachable and allow me to mention areas that may need working on to link in with other treatments and therapies that our daughter is having.

Since starting swimming with SCILL our daughter’s confidence has increased dramatically both in and out of the water and, given the many challenges she faces, her swimming lesson is something that gives us great pleasure as a family in being able to see her excel in and enjoy.

Physically she has developed tremendously and has increased the strength in her arms and legs and swims with confidence underwater.

Given that sporting activities for children with disabilities can often be difficult to find and are not always appropriate to wheelchair users, the SCILL swimming lessons are a greatly beneficial and instrumental part of our daughters social and physical well being and we are deeply grateful to all those involved.”